Worst 3 Liver Damaging Diseases That You Should Be Aware Of

liver is one of the most important human body organ, it does de-amination, Manufactures most of the blood plasma proteins, Forms red blood cells in feotus Destroys old red blood cells, Synthesizes non-essential amino acid, Converts glactose and fructode into glucose, Converts glucose into glycogen and when required breaks glycogen into glucose, Converts carbohydrates and protein into fats, Carries out oxidation of fatty acid, Forms lipoprotiens,cholesterol and phospholipids, Synthesizes vitamin A from carotene and activates vitamin D, Produces heat to maintain body temperature, Produces anti-viral protein, Stores fat-soluble vitamins(A,D,E and K) and minerals such as iron.

Worst 3 Liver Damaging Diseases That You Should Be Aware Of

Worst 3 Liver Damaging Diseases That You Should Be Aware Of

Now, when you are aware of number of functions liver performs for your body, think of what trouble a damaged of liver can cause. It has a solution with liver transplant being very expensive with trouble of finding a right donor organ. Liver damage is caused by irresponsible lifestyle, which causes huge range of diseases which then troubles your all food intake system, metabolism. Liver is most affected by excessive, smoking, drinking, overuse of drugs, or eating too much fat. The good news here is, once you have been diagnosed with liver damage, reversing your healthy diet and lifestyle is possible because liver is self-regenerating organ.

Below are the worst Liver damaging diseases:

Fatty Liver Disease –

Inactive (not doing any hard work or exercise) lifestyle with a poor diet mostly causes Fatty liver disease. In this disease fat layers developed in the liver which the organ is not able to break down, and these layers later causes an inflammation and abnormal liver functioning. The best way to prevent Fatty liver disease is to keep your diet low in fats, loosing weight and exercising regularly can bring a light of hope to the life.

Liver Hepatitis –

Attack by 5 different viruses – A, B, C, D and E can cause an inflammation, Liver hepatitis. All 5 viruses are similar in symptoms, the virus B and D are sexually transmitted or transmitted through infected blood. Direct contact with the blood of an infected person can cause Hepatitis C. Hepatitis A and E is normal virus and has no long term consequences. The dangerous viruses are B, C and D can cause cancer, cirrhosis and other abnormalities of the liver.

Liver Cirrhosis –

If you have both fatty liver disease and hepatitis, then it could lead to the Liver Cirrhosis, maximum numbers of cases are found with Cirrhosis. An average of 500ml of whiskey every day for 10 years can cause cirrhosis, the fibrous tissue of the liver is does not function well leading to jaundice and cancer. Alcohol intake should be stop as first precaution, else no one can stop the death. Permanent cure is not that easy for this disease as Cirrhosis liver damage is forever.

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