Why people starve in Africa if there is so much food on the planet?

According to existing data, about 0.24 billion people in Africa starve of hunger today. The third part of all Africans doesn’t eat enough food on a regular basis. But why is such a situation even possible if various countries waste food and throw it out? For instance, in the US alone, from 30% to 40% of all food in the country is wasted, which is about 80-130 billion pounds in weight (that’s an equivalent of 1,000 Empire State Buildings) and tops at $161 dollars in worth. Every person in the US throws away about 220 pounds a year or 0.6 pounds every day!

Also, about 30% of all people in developed countries fight with obesity, whilst in Africa, 28% of all children are underweight!

So why is this happening? Let’s try to make up an unbiased picture.

  1.  No matter what people of the rest of the planet say, they don’t take much real effort to stop hunger in Africa. Actually, most non-black people don’t think about this problem at all or forcibly deny the issue of hunger on the Black Continent. In other words, they prefer complete ignorance.
  2. Many countries in Africa were previously under the reign of some European countries as the result of their expansionism. This is not the case anymore, but it is hard for people in Africa to re-establish political and financial systems in their homelands because many resources were depleted by ex governorates. Also, local people were suspended from participating in governing their own countries and receiving practical skills of governing, so today it is hard for them to run the countries with an obvious lack of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Leadership in the African Colonial Mental power – Eritrea Ministry Of  Information

  1. Low education level.

As a result of many years of oppression, the local population today doesn’t have a high level of education, which is directly needed to establish production and food distribution chains. Not many people in Africa have special agricultural, trade, and commerce education and knowledge to build and spread sustainable food ecosystems.

  1.  This is somewhat a result of all previous points – African people lead senseless wars against one another, whilst only in peace, food ecosystems may develop and grow. Wars and high interracial hatred are other reasons why investors, who potentially may have come to Africa to give money and build infrastructure don’t hurry with that.

How Many Wars Are Going On In Africa? - YouTube

  1. Climate and corruption

Given the highly arid climate of most African territory, even those farmers who try to establish something valuable, face the unpredictability of crops’ growth. They systematically lack water, equipment, and money to support their farming business, and face a high level of corruption and lack of desire of local governments to help them. These prompts even large villages to migrate when crops die of drought.

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