What To Do If someone Has A Heart Attack

To avoid any permanent damage or cardiac arrest, an immediate first aid is the most important factor for heart attack patient.

what to do if someone has heart attack

Heart attack causes the most death in the world, it can be avoided if proper attention given when heart attack happens. The time between heart attack and taking patient to the hospital is the first aid time for the heart patient. Not following proper medical attention can result in death. This is why it is very important to know everyone about it, so that you each can help someone someday in your entire life.

Time is very important for heart patient, there is no home remedy for heart attack. So, you have no reason to stay home even if the patient feels little better.

  • At the first, lay down the patient, loosen the cloths and rush to the hospital.
  • Let the patient chew one full tablet of airpin and swallow.
  • A tablet of Sorbitrate under the tongue ( don’t give it if drop in blood pressure )
  • No sweet drinks, You can give glucose powder in spoonful dosages on or under the tongue frequently.
  • If patient is short of breath, then recline the patient partially and make him cough intermittently.
  • For the person in unconscious and unresponsive state, CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) should be performed.
  • Give them chest thrust and mouth-to-mouth respiration.

Everything, you are doing is time being, and will avoid any further heart attack, rushing to the hospital is still the priority. Remember! No first aid can save life 100% but it can act as an intelligent aid to help the patient.

You don’t need to visit outpatient clinic of a doctor. Get into the emergency section or casualty.

If you can reach hospital within 90 minutes of heart attack with proper first aid required, then below treatment work best with results and can save life.

  • Blood thinner medication
  • Primary angioplasty

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