What if all men on Earth suddenly disappeared?

Humankind bases on two genders of our species: men and women. Together, they make it possible for all of us to continue living. But what if all men suddenly vanish from the face of our planet? It’s hard to imagine, what could be the reason but in fact, it can be any: virus, bacteria, dramatic deterioration of the Y chromosome, or anything else. And the woman world would, probably, be as such.

  1. The first thing to do for women is to decide the stable biological procedure of continuation of population. They have XX chromosomes in their bodies, which are perfectly fine for parthenogenesis. Nature gives 2800 genes to XX women and only 1600 genes to XY men. Actually, women (or the rests of men) will have to find this mechanism and make it stable anyway, as the Y chromosome will die out in 5 million years, whatever we do. Women will have the time of the entire generation to work out the process but as humanity has found the vaccine for COVID-19 in less than a year of active research, we have no doubts in success – it seems absolutely feasible. Men will be no longer needed to continue the population but only females will be born this way.
  2. Wars and many political conflicts will also vanish together with men. Men bring on Earth destruction, testosterone, acute competitiveness (including sports), masculinity, and struggle for territories and resources, providing inequality in many areas simply because they want to be dominant over other men to prove they’re alphas. Today, it is supported by statistics: there are 5-10 times lesser women-felonies than men-felonies in different countries. As all of these will go away, there will be no more wars, separation, international hatred, political parties with ultra directions, armies, or apartheid. Women are likely to overcome inequality in the distribution of global resources, too, in a very short time.10 things that would happen to the planet if humans were to completely disappear - MarketWatch
  3. It is likely that Earth will gain one large or many sub-large political unions, like the EU today, which will cover the planet in full: with better processes & standards, very simplified systems of politics and bureaucracy, which will all make life of humankind better.
  4. As parthenogenesis will require some money and medical intervention in the body of each woman of a fertile age who wants to have a baby, not everyone will decide to have one (and some will refuse due to old outlooks), the birth control will become very high (for natural and artificial reasons), which will result in shortening of the global population. In 100 years after men vanish, there can be only 2-3 billion people living on Earth, which will simplify the distribution of resources and will spur up medical and technological development – for the sake of population stability & growth, and also making hard works, which were done previously only by men.What would happen to Earth if humans went extinct? | Live Science
  5. There will be more victims of natural disasters, fires, and mechanical failures because there are much lesser women today amongst firefighters, cops, miners, technicians, and so on.
  6. Families as we know them today will no longer exist. If women will like to make unions for the sake of raising children, this will look more like a business deal – but it seems like this will be even more effective than traditional families today in the absence of one aggressive and naturally-wanting-to-dominate partner.

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