What does your sleep position say about you?


It’s common knowledge that we take our thoughts to bed. Thus, it’s no surprise that sleep positions indicate hidden impulses and anxieties. We’ve spotlighted the three popular positions. Have a look and see what your sleep position says about you.

Foetal – The foetal sleep position is the most common sleep position, according to studies. Sleeping in the foetal position suggests the person desires a return to his or her comfort zone. It is a way of de-stressing and letting go of worries. Higher knees and a lower head indicate that the sleeper is searching for great internal comfort. Foetal sleepers are often heavy worriers who take their anxiety to bed. Sleeping this way allows a heavy worrier to relax and wake up refreshed and less anxious the next day.

Log – The log position is when a person sleeps with their arms extended before their head, and the body positioned in a straight line while sleeping on the back. The log position indicates a rigid personality, someone who is stubborn and obstinate. In couples, the log indicates coldness and someone who wants to be left alone. Sleeping like a log lets the body unwind, allowing for a more flexible and less rigid mind-set in the morning.

The Yearner is one who sleeps on their side with both arms stretched out in front of them. Thirteen per cent of people surveyed chose this as their favoured sleep position, and identified themselves as having open personalities, but were sometimes prone to suspicion and cynicism. Yearners are also described as slow decision makers, but once the choice is made they stick to it.

The Soldier Position, lying on your back with both arms straight at your sides, was the first choice for eight per cent of study participants. Character traits for those who prefer this position reflect their disciplined namesake, with sleepers identifying themselves as people who set high expectations for themselves and others, and exhibit a quiet and reserved nature.

Freefaller – The freefaller is when the sleeper stretch the whole body out, flat on their stomach with arms akimbo above the head. Often, the sleeper will grip the pillow, as if holding on for dear life. This is generally the most uncomfortable sleep position for adults, yet is still a very common one. Freefallers generally wake up feeling still anxious from the day before. The position suggests that the sleeper is unhappy and feels a lack of control in their lives. Freefallers should take control and seek fulfilment throughout the day to change the way they sleep.

The Starfish Position was the least popular amongst those with a preference, with only five per cent of those surveyed choosing it as their favourite. Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with legs sprawled and arms stretched up near the head, and were reported to make friendship a priority. They dislike being the centre of attention, instead offering to listen to the problems of others and go out of their way to offer assistance to those in need.

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  1. LOL I sleep on my stomach. I feel the most comfortable and rested when I do it. I fell more anxious, and wake up horribly tired when I can’t sleep like that. Then again I do not hold on to the the pillow either. However I might have a lack of control in my life since I’m a stay at home mother… and I’m subject to the whims of other at times… usually I’m still the one directing the show so… lol I’m not sure this applies to me.

  2. I’m half foetal and freefaller, but I know I have control in my life. So, that accuracy does not fit me right. Plus, I’m snuggling up with my teddy bear. That can be differ from the pillow to hold onto.

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