What Are the White Dots on My Nails?

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The occurrence of white spots or patches under the nails due to the presence of air bubbles between the nail and its bed, it is usually caused by:

– an injury to the base of the nail

– -occurs when there is renal failure

– fungal infection

– hereditary

– organ failure

– vitamin deficiency and stress

– lack of zinc and protein

Symptoms :

– White spots on the fingernail: small white lines on the nails and change in color of the nails, that eventually become totally white.

– The nails become colorless and brittle losing the original texture.

– Person affected with leukonychia may also have problems like deafness, gingivitis, and hyperkeratosis

Natural treatment :

– Include Proteins, vitamins and a lot of zinc in your diet

– avoid changing your nail polish to often


1. Leukonychia totalis

– Whitening of the entire nail.

– Maybe caused by organ failure, protein malabsorption or a genetic condition.

2.Leukonychia partialis

– Whitening of parts of the nail.

3.Leukonychia striata
– Whitening or discoloration of the nail in bands that run parallel the nail

– It may be caused by cirrhosis, chemotherapy or physical injury to the nail

4.Leukonychia punctata
– Small white spots appear on the nails and it’s the most common form of leukonychia.

– Cause is injury to the base of the nail.

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