Trouble Signs That You Have An Internet Addiction

If you are facing an issue about time management and do not know where you are loosing all day, it’s time to break down the things and understand about you’er self. No one to blame but you, until you get to the root cause of an issue. Time management issue has been found with most of the internet addicts, as they always fail to meet the timeline. Internet le you forget the daily task or probably you’re memory becomes a bit slow when you lost in social networking, games and entertainment website.

Trouble Signs That You Have An Internet Addiction

# 1 – Blame On Your Favorite Website:

If are a fan of Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram or may be just Googling is you’re hobby then congratulations to you. We have found the first symptom that you have an internet addiction.

# 2 – Spending More Time Than Earlier:

Are you spending more and more time on internet then earlier days. Please understand this addiction and dedicate you time to every important work of you’re life.

# 3 – Ignoring Family And Friends:

This is the most observed point by me to the most of the internet addicted friends. Usually, you started being at home just to be online all time rather than go out meet friends or talk to family.

# 4 – Loosing Other Activities:

You was a good sportsman, but now you’re at home at the time of match! It sounds, strange! When a sports person misses a match just for the sake of Internet.

# 5 – You Always Know It:

I do not have to reveal each and every part of you’re life. You better know it, what you’re lying on. You do not say truth to your friends about internet usage or how many hours you played an online game because you know it’s a bad addiction.

# 6 – You Just Can’t Stop Doing This:

You know, you have an important work to do, but still you cannot resist being online.

# 7 – Restless When Offline:

I use to be restless while offline when I was unsure about my habits. For some, being online make them feel alive. It’s not an oxygen, but just an internet. Patience is an very important factor to control everything.

# 8 – Change In You’re Sleep patter:

You’re on the bed at night and suddenly starts the computer just to check an email or any notification is a big sign on an internet addiction and can badly affect you’re health.

These were my biggest problem and I suffered from several disease for a week’s, but I got patience and understood the concern. Now, I am an Internet Entrepreneur still not an Internet addiction.

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