Tips To Increase Height After 18 Years

It is difficult to see increase in height after reaching adulthood because height increase up to 24 years of age for men and 18 years of age for women. It all depends on the production of harmones that halts after the mentioned years of age respectively for men and women. However, all this process is natural but if harmones are released naturally then increase in height can be achieved.

Tips To Increase Height After 18 Years

Maintain Ideal Body Weight:

Weight can have an bad effect on your height and can cause several health problems too.
Hence, it is most recommended to maintain an ideal body weight by following a proper diet and proper exercise steps.

Drink Plenty of Water:

I don’t think so, I have to tell you about the importance of water which helps in every other procedure in your body.
It flushes out toxins from your body and helps in digestion. At least 8 full glasses of water every day is recommended for a healthy life.

Avoid Growth Inhibitors:

Adopting habits like smoking and drinking without realizing the worst effects on their growth of heights, harmones and other aspects of your body. Avoid Antibiotics, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and let your height grow taller naturally.

Practice Good Posture:

Always remember to keep your head and neck aligned in a straight posture. Bending and slouching can cause your spinal cord to suppress normal height. The way you act, you becomes like that automatically, maintain a good posture which can play a vital rol in the development of your height.


Stretches are the basic for any type of workout, they are most effective warm up. Doing stretches for at least 15-20 minutes can your entire day happy, this warm up can strengthen you or energizes to do more stretches such as car stretch, the table, bow down, cobra stretch, the bridge, super stretch, twists and basic leg stretches.

Hanging exercises:

Hanging exercises is very simple and should be tried by everyone. You just have to hand on a bar for about 30 seconds and repeat it for few more times.

Proper diet and nutrition:

Proper diet and nutrition with rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium is must to absorb minerals, vitamins and nutrients to boost your proper growth and gain height.

Expose to sunlight:

Vitamin D contributes to your height in a greatest way, and sunlight is the the biggest source of Vitamin D. Take Sunbath or expose body to sunbath in the early morning or late afternoon because because ultra-voilet radiation will be at the lowest at this time.


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  1. Fooling people with a catchy headline…. the matter in the article is carries basic do’s n dont’s ! Not a mantra to increase height…… Keep it Simple and Straight !

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