Tips for Dealing with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t just conceal in beds. Look for them in:

  • Seams, creases, tufts and bends of mattresses and carton jumps
  • Cracks in bed borders and head planks
  • below seating, couches, beds and dust wrappings
  • Between the cushions of upholstered furnishings
  • below locality rugs and the edges of carpets
  • Between the folds of drapery and curtains
  • In the drawers of night stands, dressers, etc.
  • Behind baseboards
  • round doorways and window casings
  • Behind electrical swap plates
  • Under loose wallpaper, paintings, posters, etc.
  • In cracks in plaster
  • In telephones, behind TV and clocks

Few common myths on bed bugs:

  • They are tiny and difficult to see – not true – see picture. Actually they hide very well.
  • They only like dirty places or houses- not true – they can be found at business hotels too, and are more than happy to come home with you in your baggage. 

Let the battle begin –

dirty bed bugs

dirty bed bugs

+ Search the enemies

People think searching bed bugs is difficult, it’s not that hard. I have mentioned above all the possible locations to look for. Look for the small blood spots as well, remember this is your blood. Don’t just bloody bugs leave them free, find them and kill with proper methods. Never kill them with manual methods that will take their blood out, this will make your battle more difficult as they grow larger in numbers.

+ Even if you finish them, it will take a Week to get rid of bed bugs 100%, here is why?

Use any method, it will not kill eggs, which take about two weeks to produce – you should re-inspect and apply the methods again every alternate day for 2 weeks.

+ Heat:

Extreme heat will kill bed bugs. 60 minutes on the hottest setting in a dryer kills eggs and insects. Put all your cloths in a bag and give to laundry, dry cleaning kills bed bugs. And remember don’t bring back that cloth bag return home.

You can put blankets, pillows, shoes, curtains, rugs, seat cushions, and fabric bags—if the item can survive heat and won’t damage the dryer, or it can go in a dryer. I am assuming, you have all knowledge about stuff going in dry cleaner and how to use it.

+ Freezing

I am not sure but, very cold expose pieces to 32 ºF or underneath and leave them there for at smallest two weeks. All crawling life stages will die. To kill the eggs, 30 days is needed.

+ Vacuum every day

Vacuuming is an successful way to not only remove bed bugs but to eliminate the dirt that offers them shelter. Vacuum each area systematically. Turn mattresses, furniture and box springs in all directions, covering the entire surface area. Pay special attention to creases, folds, seams and around tufts and buttons. Also vacuum furniture, floors, baseboards and wherever you find bed bugs. Empty your vacuum when you are done.

+ Seal up any holes

Inspect every corner of your home for small holes no matter how small or big they are, you have to seal them up. If you come across any damage to furniture, consult with a furniture expert and fix it too. Don’t give a bed bug any possible location to live so seal up everything.

+ Give them sun bath

If you are blessed with sunny weather , give your bed bugs a hot sunbath, keep all possible stuff outside for entire day to kill bugs naturally.


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