21 Replies to “The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People”

  1. I’ve come across gratuitous amounts of Authors that fall into your category of “Unsuccessful” people due to their personalities. On the contrary; they’re the opposite.

  2. I have to say the patterns identified here are too twee – why is keeping a journal so significant? Watching tv – why not? Is this better or worse than reading facebook every day?

  3. Successful people also know how to spell (succesful? unsuccesful? really?), and they don’t use jargon (transformational perspective, transactional perspective), rather, they use real words and easily understood terms.

  4. The only people i know who exude joy are drunks. Successful people rarely have all the above qualities. They are shrewd people who keep knowledge to themselves in order to crush others and stay one step ahead. they do all that with a smile. I have seen many unsuccessful people way happier and who live life without fear and stay away from the rat race.

  5. I would totally believe that for successful people in the IS or IT department. (Note, happiness = working in IS) but operations, marketing, or heaven forbid finance; I’m sorry but in order to be successful in those fields, you will have to do a great deal backstabbing and taking credit for everyone work.
    I would just rename the chart. Happy people instead of Successful people.

  6. I would say that successful people also:
    Criticize themselves for failure
    Develop realistic timelines and goals for wants and achievements
    Align themselves with their wants, and then remove or circumvent obstacles in their life (including problematic people)
    But above all, successful people remember that their success is more often than not at the cost of another persons failure. Success must be fought for, defended, and won. But then again, success is not necessarily money. This statement only works for making money.

  7. Unsuccessful people “Watch TV everyday”
    Successful people “Read everyday”
    Tell that to fucking Warren Buffet LMAO

  8. Keep calm.. If you like take it or just wipe it out from your device … do not argue on that ..no one is perfect n nothing is perfect just we have to make it perfect what we get ..

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