Strange Health Facts You never knew before

It’s a mad strange world. True enough I would say. There are so many things we don’t know about ourselves…Strange but true things. Let’s find out what are they? Amazingly true but unbelievable too.

  • Hairy facts

  1. Hair is indestructible.

    Hair is indestructible

    Hair is indestructible

  2. Cold, water, change in climate even corrosive acids have no effect on them.

  3. The quantity of human hair equals that of a gorilla. Only difference is hair in humans are short and so not seen.

  • Brainy facts

    brain uses 20 percent oxygen

    brain uses 20 percent oxygen

  1. The brain can feel no pain because of lack of sensory receptors

  2. The brain alone consumes 20% of the body’s oxygen.

  3. There are about 100 billion neurons in the brain equaling the stars in the galaxy.

  4. The eyes are an extension of the brain from the occipital region.

  • Tongue print

    unique tongue print

    unique tongue print

Like the finger print, every individual has a unique tongue print and can be used for identification purposes.

  • Nuts

Nuts are capable of curing toothache. They kill the bacteria which cause tooth decay.

jawbone is hardest

jawbone is hardest

  • The hardest bone in the human body is the jawbone.

  • The nails of the fingers grow almost 4 times faster than your toe nails.

  • A laugh

    a hearty laugh a day

    a hearty laugh a day

You can improve your circulation with a hearty laugh a day. It expands the inner lining of your blood vessels by 22 percent.

  • Bones lessen with age

    Bones lessen with age

    Bones lessen with age

At birth we have 350 bones with later fuse to become only 206 at the adult age.

  • We shed more than 50 million dead skin cells every day.

  • Belly facts

  1. The lining of the stomach changes twice every week. This prevents the acid from dissolving the stomach lining.

  2. The small intestine is about 20-25 feet long about five times the height of an average adult.

  • Female dominance

    largest cell is the female egg

    largest cell is the female egg

The smallest cell is the male sperm while the largest cell is the female egg.

  • Harmful drinking

The kidney can filter around 1 liter per hour. If you drink excess water it will enter the cell structures causing brain swelling leading to serious complications.

  • Human boiler

    human body generate heat

    human body generate heat

A human body generates heat good enough for boiling water. It is the body’s thermostat which regulates the body temperature to 97 degrees F.

  • Don’t try to tickle yourself

    we can’t tickle ourselves

We always have fun tickling others. But we can’t tickle ourselves. The brain ignores the sensory signal and thus blocks the sensation.

  • Rest injuries

    bed injuries

    bed injuries

Surprised? But it’s true. Every year more than one lakh people get injured while in bed. Causes are falling in sleep, hitting the head boards etc.

  • Coagulant in black pepper

Black pepper is a great coagulant analgesic, antibacterial, and antiseptic. Just sprinkle you cut with black pepper and the bleeding will come to a halt. Hope you can cope with the burning though.

  • Antiseptic honey

Disinfect a wound with honey. Honey has very fine antiseptic and anti bacterial properties capable of destroying the wound-infecting bacteria.

There are many more amazing facts about body and its health and that be glad to share with you later.

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