Some interesting facts from the history of food (2)

In the previous article, we have told you about some interesting facts about food. Let’s continue with more exciting facts.

  1. Lobster, mussels, and shrimps were all food of poor people and inmates.

At the dawn of fishing, people did not give much attention to crayfish, lobster, mussels, and shrimps, preferring to eat fish. Probably, they were unaware of the refined taste of those sea creatures or simply didn’t want to be bothered with opening them. So, those that were caught by fishermen, were eaten by them and their families. It is believed that mussels took too much time and firewood to use to be cooked, so they were eaten as is – alive & slimy. Still, they were rich in nutrients, protein, and other essential elements for health, so all fishermen were very healthy and strong.

Also, these foods were used to feed inmates, slaves, and to use as a lure for fish. Yet still, many of them refused to eat this ‘lewdness’ more than 2 times a week and in large portions.

In the 1800s, with the development of trains, people from mainland America and Canada fell in love with crayfish, lobster, mussels, and shrimps. Their cost and demand were becoming increasingly higher, pretty soon, surpassing fish in demand and supply. They were produced also as canned foods to deliver to far territories and they all have started to be considered as exclusive food.

Food for poor people and prisoners. Happy Lobsters Day!

  1. American cops are often depicted as doughnut eaters because doughnut shops were the only ones open.

Cops that patrolled streets used to increase in numbers during the nighttime to prevent street crime in big cities. But during the night, a humble number of shops with food were open. Long before 24H stop-shops and cafeterias have become a widespread thing, there were no other shops but doughnut shops that were open at night. And they have attracted coppers to their places with interesting discount prices for this sugary thing to make a sort of a deal – whilst cops were eating donuts inside of such shops, no criminals would break-in. Cops, on their hand, found this high-carbohydrate food satiating yet cheap (although it leads to obesity, which also contributes to an image of a fat cop).

How Doughnut-Loving Cops Became a Stereotype | Smart News | Smithsonian  Magazine

  1. Colonel Sanders shot his business competitor but was not jailed.

Colonel Sanders, a creator of KFC, was a very roughneck man. Long before he has become a king of fried chicken, he was running a gas station. Once he saw a competitor ripping off his advertising. He took 2 managers and came to the place, asking the competitor to stop doing this. The latter refused, took a gun out, and shot one of the managers dead. Then Colonel Sanders took out his gun and shot the competitor, too (he died in a prison).

At the trial, Sanders was found innocent, as he was applying only the needed measure of self-defense. The gas station has eventually become the place of birth of crispy chicken, which is so loved by everyone today.Colonel Sanders Failed 1001 Times Before Making KFC - YouTube

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