Say Good Bye To Yellow Teeth

Your appearance can become more pleasant with white shining set off teeth. You look more healthy and young with white shining teeth. And also your smile becomes more beautiful with sparkling teeth. But some people avoid smiling in public because of their yellow teeth, which are not shining and become reason of embarrassment. Yellow teeth can be due to so many reasons like improper dental hygiene, excess use of tea and coffee, tobacco and cigarette. Yellow teeth also cause because of some antibiotic reactions or infections, which cause discoloring of teeth. So to overcome from this problem there are few tips which help you to get the shine and whiteness of your teeth.

Yellow Teeth

Here some tips for yellow teeth treatment

1. Baking soda:



It is one of the best ingredients which help to treat yellow teeth. Whitening mouth wash can be made with baking soda. Take one cup of cold water and mix one table spoon of baking soda in it and have mouth wash thrice a day. This help to give natural color to your teeth.

2. Lemon:


To get rid of yellowish teeth bleaching property of lemon also can be used. As lemon contain vitamin c in high quantity which is the source for calcium and make teeth strong. Take few drops of lemon teeth and mix pinch of salt in it and rub it like paste on your teeth it will help to make teeth white and then rinse your mouth with cold water.

3. Salt:



Salt is one of the best fundamental dental cleansing agent which used to replenish the lost mineral content of teeth and help them to regain their whiteness. Your teeth are yellow then use salt in place of tooth power. Rub the teeth with care because an extra rub of salt can harm your gums and enamel.

4. Charcoal:



Charcoal is one of the best ingredient which helps to replenish the lost mineral content of the teeth to bring them white. Charcoal posses powerful crystal based chemical which give instant whitening of teeth and also kills germs present in mouth. Take power of charcoal and mixed it with regular toothpaste and gentle brush twice a day, the result will be fast.

5. Hydrogen peroxide:


Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching effect which helps to get rid of yellow teeth. Gargle with the mouth wash which contain hydrogen peroxide and gargle with it. You can also make paste of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and gently rub it on teeth. Regular use of this can help you to give shining teeth back.

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