Right Brain vs. Left Brain Test

You probably have heard of the brain lateralization theory, or how some people are left-brained and some are right-brained. You might have come across this theory on television programs or in various books and probably wondered if you are left-brained or right-brained.

According to this theory, the functions associated with left and right brain are given below.

Right Brain:                                                                             Left Brain:     

  • Creativity                                Logic
  • Imagination                                                                           Analysis    
  • Holistic Thinking                                                                  Sequencing
  • Intuition                                                                                Mathematics
  • Arts                                                                                       Language     
  • Rhythm                                                                                 Facts
  • Feelings                                                                               Computation
  • Visualization                                                                       Words of a song
  • Daydreaming

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At this point you must be trying to feel, which part of your brain works stronger, or worrying if a part of your brain is weaker than the other. Worry not, because it’s all a myth. Yes, you read it right—a myth. This theory originated from the work of Roger W. Sperry, the Nobel Prize winner in 1981. Sperry studied the victims of epilepsy and found out that cutting the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain (the Corpus Collosum) helps in reducing or totally eliminating the seizures. After this discovery, some psychology enthusiasts conjectured this idea that a dominant side of the brain determines the traits of a human’s personality and that’s how this myth came into being. However latest research shows that the brain is not exactly as dichotomous as it was once supposed to be.

In the University of Utah, scientists have observed over 1000 brains and found no evidence to support the idea of left brain/right-brain thinking. According to them, most people prefer to use one region of the brain more than the other—it’s called lateralization and it’s a fact. For example, in most right-handed people, the right brain is responsible for speech but it does not mean that in great writers or speakers, right side of the brain is used more than the left side. The idea, that a right-brained person is artistic, creative and subjective or a left-brained person is logical, detail-oriented or analytical, is essentially a misconception. Actually, the connections among all brain regions are responsible for both creative and analytical thinking.

According to Dr. Jeff Anderson, the lead author of this study, “It is not the case that the left hemisphere is associated with logic or reasoning more than the right, also, creativity is no more processed in the right hemisphere than the left.”

Another researcher Dr. Jared Nielson said, “It may be that personality types have nothing to do with one hemisphere being more active, stronger, or more connected.”

Now you know that if you are capable of thinking analytically, then this is not because you are a left-brained person. In fact, you use your whole brain to perform an analysis or to create something. So, if you have a book that claims to decide your “brain-type” or an app that determines your stronger side of the brain, then your whole brain would suggest you to trash both of them.

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