Palm Reading Secrets

Always wondered how people could tell your fate just by looking at your hands? Thought they had the sixth sense…acquired? Imagine if you could take a guess at the future yourself…wouldn’t it be great! Absolutely… revealing you the secrets of palmistry-the science. Be the next fortune teller and gather lots of fans.

The hand tells it all-the shape

  • Round shape

You’re the impulsive type… Acting before thinking. Sure gets you in a mess at times. But you sure know how to manage things.

  • an oval shape

Cone shaped hand for the emphatic ones. You radiate a positive energy. You have the ability to attract people into confiding in you. People tell you all their problems…u seem to provide them comfort in their agony.

  • square

You are of the practical type. No emotional tassels for you. You are a proper planner… you own the managers seat.

The finger length

  • fingers are long finger length

    finger length

A detailed and near perfectionist.

  • fingers are short

Impatient and not to be bothered with details

The lines of the hand for palm reading.

The Heart Line.

heart line

heart line

Starts at the side of the hand can end in various places.

1 – Ends under the first finger

Also known as princess line- suggests a self centered person. More of an introspective type

2 – Ends under the second finger,

You are the giver types…the social service kind.

3 – The heart line should end between the first two fingers ideally, showing balance between giving and receiving.

Shape of the heart line

a)    Heart line is straight,

Also called the Mental Heart line. You tend to put your head in matters of the heart.

b)   heart line is curved,

Also called Physical Heart line. The romantic people fall in this category. They always speak their hearts out.

The Head Line,

head line

head line

1)   straight

It means you’re logical and technical.

2)   curved

You’re creative and artistic.

3)   The length shows your memory and concentration powers.

4)   Forked line indicates a greater insight to things and persons fit for debates.

The Life line.

life line

life line


Life line does not show the span of life but the quality of life.

I.        If your Life line sweeps out into the Plain of Mars – you are the restless type and love to travel

II.        If your life line hugs close to your thumb, near the Mount of Venus- you are a home sick person. Always stay at home.

III.        If your lifeline is torn between Venus, and Mars- you’ll be confused between having security in life and at the same time craving for independence.

IV.        Breaks in the Life line – health issues

V.        A fork at the end of your Life line- indicates travel.

  • L = Lower Mars
  • P = Plain of Mars
  • U = Upper Mars
  • V = Mount of Venus

The Fate line or Destiny line or Saturn line

fate line

fate line

Reveals your personality

1. Fate line starts close to the Life line

Always want to please others.

2. The line starts down on the heel of the hand

Also called the Neptune line showing your carefree nature and doing things offbeat.

3. Fate line starts high in the hand

Things start off late in life for you. Be it business, love or luck.

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  1. they still have a destiny ,which one is incapable to read…lines on hands are not a destiny maker ,they just manifest destiny …so here destiny still remains intact but manifestation is compromised

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