Nine fascinating facts about India

If your interest in super-diverse India is high and you’re gasping facts and data about its life and customs, you shall definitely be excited by this portion of fun, rare, and unknown facts about this country.

  1. Due to low IT infrastructure development in the country and general poorness, traditional post offices are highly populous places all over India. Today, there are over 155,000 offices open, each serving on average 7.2 thousand people.
  2. Despite what has just been said, India exports its IT software to a large number of countries in the world – 90. It is only surpassed by China and the USA.
  3. The longest bridge in the country, Bandra Worli Sealink, has so many steel wires in its construction that their entire length is equal to Earth’s circumference. And it took 2,933 man-years to be built.
  4. Cricket as a sport is more popular than in the country of its origination, England. Today, most records in cricket are connected with India: most cricket teams in a country, most cricketers, the highest and lowest cricket fields, and so on.
  5. The first rocket in the country was tiny and thus, transported on a regular bicycle to the launch station with the name that most Westerners fall short to pronounce: Thiruvananthapuram.What really is the state of the Indian economy? | Op-eds – Gulf News
  6. There are more English native speakers than in the UK: 125 million people. That’s the second place, only after the US.
  7. Whilst most people know that Freddie Mercury was Indian with the original name Farrokh Bulsara, a far lesser number of people know that Ben Kingsley is also an Indian & was born as Krishna Pandit Bhanji.
  8. India is a home for many remarkable inventions: diamond mining, sugar refinery, Snakes and Ladders table game, Kama Sutra, chess, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, decimal system, the first temple, the first university, medicine, river navigation, astronomy, the value of ‘Pi’, surgeries, anesthesia – that if only to name a few. Maybe it is because Indians are the most peaceful nation of all times – India has never invaded anyone for 0.1 million years of established history!
  9. The Vishnu Temple in Tirupathi city in India is the world’s richest temple – over 30,000 pilgrims every day donate to it over $6 million for several hundreds of years now. Some experts say the temple hosts around 1 trillion dollars in valuables of all kinds in today’s value. Throughout its history, it was robbed, looted, and some valuables have been discovered missing.

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