Native American Farmer Grows Amazing Multi-coloured Corn

Glass Gem should not be eaten off the cob

Glass Gem amazing multi-coloured corn developed by Carl Barnes was passed on post his death, Now the seeds are out there on-line and have attracted large demand. These extraordinary pictures could seem to indicate colourful stewed sweets or perhaps glass beads – however if truth be told, they show specially bred ears of corn.

extraordinary Glass Gem corn

Glass Gem amazing multi-coloured corn was developed by a Native american farmer who noticed that each thus usually, a cob showed signs of bizarre colouring shining through. Now the distinctive strain is obtainable for purchase on-line, and is in hot demand from gardeners keen to feature barely of color to their garden.

Colourful: This extraordinary Glass Gem corn was bred naturally by a part-Cherokee farmer

Unique: The corn was developed from ears with natural splashes of color that were then bred along

Gleaming: The kernels area unit therefore brilliantly colored that they give the impression of being like precious stones or glass beads

Attractive: From some angles, the corn appearance similar to a vibrant children’s toy

Appetising: Glass Gem shouldn’t be eaten up off the cob, however are often changed into flour or popcorn

Tradition: consumers area unit inspired to stay the seeds so as to prevent the corn strain dying out

Ruby-red: this can be one in every of the foremost striking-looking plants created by the seeds

Green shoots: This slender plant can eventually become older to supply ears of multi-coloured corn

All wrapped up: The corn is enclosed by inexperienced leaves before breaking out of its shell

Pioneer: Carl Barnes exhausted many years developing Glass Gem corn and passed the key on before he died

Blue: One strain produces corn with deep blue kernels furthermore as some that ar nearly white

Contrast: the various forms of Glass Gem will seem starkly divergent from each other

Popular: Native Seeds/SEARCH, that sells the corn, ofttimes sells out because of the high demand

On the branch: Despite its rainbow colors, Glass Gem is full-grown within the same means as alternative forms of corn

kernels are so brightly coloured


Glass Gem are mostly used as an Associate in Nursing innovative gift which may be displayed as Associate in Nursing ornament round the house.Also, Native Seeds encourages patrons to save lots of their favorite strands of the corn to set so as to continue the Glass Gem tradition. Mr McDorman said: ‘As Carl Barnes has schooled America, all it takes is one person to form a lot of vibrant and galore world – one seed at a time.’

rainbow colours, Glass Gem

The harvest originates from oklahoma state, this is the place where Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes had the thought of gathering vibrant ears of corn and breeding them along. Because the years went on, he managed to supply corn displaying dozens of various colors on one cob.

corn was developed from ears with natural splashes of colour

Shortly before he died, Mr Barnes passed on his seed assortment and breeding ability to his friend Greg Schoen and asked him to safeguard the Glass Gem tradition.

corn is surrounded by green leaves

Mr Schoen determined he had to seek out a permanent home for the gathering, and gave the seeds to Bill McDorman, owner of a little seed comany in Arizona in year 2010. ’I was blown away,’ Mr McDorman said of the primary time he grew Glass Gem corn. ‘No one had ever seen corn like this before.’ The dealer is currently head of Native Seeds/SEARCH, a non-profit organization that seeks to preserve the agricultural heritage of the Native Americans.

Carl Barnes spent years developing Glass Gem corn and passed the secret 

The organization sells Glass Gem seeds through its web site for $7.95 (£4.90) per packet, though they’re therefore extremely sought-after that they’re often sold-out out. The corn may be wont to create flour or popcorn, though it’s not suggested to eat it directly the cob.

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