Lifehack: how to read for free online news and articles that are subscription-only

You’re, probably, familiar with websites, which provide their content only (or mostly) subscription-based. So, a webpage isn’t shown in full to you before you pay. And a page may look like this:

So, what to do in this case? Can you actually read the news, informational pages, or your beloved weather channel without paying? Yes, there is one simple lifehack, which is applicable for text webpages (it will likely not work for video sites and picture catalogs). Bear in mind: it is only doable as described for laptops and PCs with Windows OS and it does not work like this for mobile phones and tablets.

First, you need to view the source code of the page. For that, click on the shaded web area (the one that does not contain the subscription offer) with the right-click of your mouse.

There, select the highlighted option “View Page Source”. Another way of doing it is to open a new tab in your browser and paste there these items: “view-source:”. After that, copy and paste without spaces the web address of the desired page. (That’s an example for Mozilla Firefox. For Chrome, press Ctrl + U on the keyboard.) Eventually, with all scenarios, you will have the web address looking like this:


After that, in the source code tab, do the right-click, and in the appeared menu, opt for the “Save as…” option.

In the window, pick the path to save a file, write the name for the file (or leave the name that automatically appears), don’t change the file format (.txt), and click on the “Save” button.

Open the folder with the saved file and see its extension:

If you don’t have extensions view enabled in your system, do that by clicking in the folder’s menu ‘Parameters of folders and search’ — click on the ‘View’ tab and find the option ‘Hide extensions for registered types of files’ on the list. Un-tick the mark and save changes. Now, every file in your system will have an extension shown to you. Return to your file and press “F2” to rename it (or right-click on it and find the menu ‘Rename’).

Change the file extension from “txt” to “html” and save. It will look like this now:

Double click on it to open in the default browser. And it will shortly open in full view without the informational box about the need to pay:

Mind that some pictures and graphic elements may not be saved in this way – so if it’s not critical to you, then use this method. Otherwise, you can go to the website and enter the page’s web address you want to view in full:

Make sure to enable the “Full-size” option on the left so avoid limiting the height of the captured webpage:

Shortly after, as the page is captured as a screenshot, it will be shown to you without payment warning notices in the right field and you can save or email it as a picture, using the buttons:

Have fun using this simple lifehack!

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