Interesting facts about Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the world’s most successful conqueror and ruler of all times in human history. He governed around 1/3 of all lands, spanning from China and Japan to the Arabian Peninsula and Norway at the peak of his empire’s might (in 1279), including around 20 modern countries. Nobody ever could repeat the same greatness in collecting territories under one government, as he did. And below, we are submitting more great facts about Genghis Khan.

  1. His empire was not only the largest in the territory but also one of the most long-spanning in time. It started in 1206 and, after division into 4 separate khanates, was nominally active until the last khanate was conquered in 1783 (577 years). Although the Mongol Empire as a whole political unit lasted officially only until 1368. Even more than that, further leaders deriving from the semen of Genghis Khan, led wars and made conquers to prolong khanates in the world. Thus, Babur, one of the most famed descendants, has created the Mughal Empire on the fractures of Chagatai Khanate, which lasted almost until modern days – 1858 (being overcome by Britain).
  2. There are at least two super famous rulers derived from Genghis Khan: Babur (1483-1530), governor of Kabul, Samarkand, and Ferghana (partly modern Afghanistan, India, and Uzbekistan) and Tamerlan (alternatively known as Timur, 1336-1405), governor of Timurid Empire, modern Kazakhstan.Genghis Khan - Wikipedia
  3. One of the biggest statues in the world, the 131-feet high statue of Genghis Khan is erect in his honor in the Mongolian capital It is today considered the tallest equestrian statue in the world.
  4. Compared to most ancient and even modern-time rulers, he was very loyal to national beliefs, religions, and systems of gods of people he has been conquering. All citizens of his large empire felt free to live and believe, which has insanely contributed to political strength and unity.
  5. He was so modest that did not create any monument or statue in his favor during his life. Even the place of death of Genghis Khan is unknown and, probably, will never be found. After his death, loyal warriors took his body and rode into far lands in an unknown direction to bury him, killing everyone they met on their way. And after those horse riders rode back, they were all killed by other warriors so nobody could discover the burial place of their late leader.
  6. Genghis Khan implemented literacy for all children in his empire in reading and writing based on either empire-official Uyghur language or local languages of conquered people.TODAY IN HISTORY: Genghis Khan, the avatar of savagery and barbarism, dies  - Indus Scrolls
  7. He was the first to create a stably working post office system. Throughout the entire empire, the post offices were located around 24 kilometers (15 miles) from one another, forming a dense network. This diameter is believed to be covered normally by one horse without overdriving her. Postmen-riders would change horses in the next post office.
  8. World’s greatest lover. It is believed that about 12 million people having Asian roots (or 0.3% of the global male population of the planet) are direct descendants of Genghis Khan (living in all continents). He had an amazingly big harem of women and could have up to several women every night (very often taking pretty hostages from captivity amongst the local population).

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