Information on how to download iPhone 6 Wallpapers

iPhone 6 wallpaper is currently the most trending thing on the internet. Apple has already sold 4 million in less than a week! Clearly, too many people have gone crazy over this phone. If you were one of them and got yourself the new iPhone 6 then here is the collection 1000+ best you can download on your new iPhone now!

Since the iPhone 6 comes with slightly bigger screen than iPhone 5 & 5s, it is difficult to find the perfect wallpaper that matches the dimension of your iPhone 6. The screen size of iPhone 6 is 750 x 1334, so it is best advised to download the wallpapers larger than ’750 x 1334′ due to “parallax effect”. The wallpapers that i’ve included below are of the high quality and resolution.

So here are some cool iPhone 6 Wallpapers to customize your iPhone screen.

1. Breaking Bad Wallpaper

2. Batman Wallpaper

3. Guitar Wallpaper

4. Abstract Wallpaper

5. Car Wallpaper

How to download these wallpapers on your iPhone?

To download the wallpaper, simply click/tap on it and you’ll be taken to the wallpaper download page on the official iPhone 6 wallpaper website. If you are on computer then you can download this wallpaper and transfer it to you iPhone using iTunes. If you are on iPhone you simply hold the tap and save this wallpaper to Camera Roll.

Hope you liked this iphone wallpaper article. If you have any suggestion or question then please comment below. We’ll try our best to reply you as soon as possible. Enjoy!

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