How to Resize Shrunken Clothes

The climate these days is just hot the whole year round. I as a matter of fact prefer wearing cottons during most of the year. In the few months of winter my favorite sweaters come handy. Both my favorite types tend to shrink a lot. This gave me heartache every time I had to pass on my shrunken clothes to my little sister. Some I had only worn once or twice… But lo no other option, right?

How to resize shrunken clothes

But this was the thing of the past. I can tell you a great way to get back those precious clothes to fit you again. Let’s see how. Things you will need

  • a tub
  • lukewarm water
  • baby shampoo
  • Two large beach towels

Surprised? I did not mention any costly items from the market… no starching agents… no out of the way ingredients. Yes. It’s that simple.

So don in your magic hat and work some magic here.

Just do Abra ka dabra

  • Fill a tub with lukewarm water
  • Add a capful of baby shampoo into the water.
  • Some use conditioner instead.
  • Soak the clothes in shampoo for some time.
  • The fibers in the clothing will soon relax and expand.
  • Take out the garment from the shampoo water and
  • Just gently squeeze it without rinsing.

Now you are done with the first part. Now the tricky one. This is the part where your clothes get shrunken and use it wisely here to unshrink them.

  • Take a large towel (the beach towels will do)
  • Put the clothing flat on it.
  • with the clothing inside it, Roll the towel up

The basic concept is to let as much moisture as it can absorb…. Don’t keep the clothes wet just let them be damp.

  • Now get another dry towel
  • Put the clothes out on the dry towel.
  • Gently stretch the clothes as it lies out to dry.
  • Do the light stretching until the clothing item returns to its original size.
  •  Allow it to air dry on the towel.(in summers and winters)
  • Alternately use a fan for drying if the weather outside is humid.

The first time you put this to test you will surely wonder what the outcome would be… even I wasn’t sure if it would work. After stretching my sweater for about 15 minutes slowly and gently, I put it to dry. I put my fingers crossed like I always do while watching my favorite players giving a cricket game.

Well I took my sweater from the drying line. It looked larger to me alright. But I won’t believe it until I try it on, I said to myself. And I gave it a shot. And…yippee! It was my old sweater back with the same comfort and coziness it always offered. I was thrilled and over joyed. I just thanked myself for not giving away all those shrunken clothes to my little sis. I knew I could wear them all over again.

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