How To Quit Smoking With You’re Own Methods

You might find smoking interesting or fun in college time but let you’re mind think on it again! Do you really need to smoke? You will probably get answer as NO. Smoking is just an addiction, you do not get any benefit, fun, entertainment or any other health benefits. Then why to smoke? If you’re thinking in the same direction and wanted to quit smoking, I can tell you some interesting facts to quit smoking.

Top Tips to quit smoking

1. Change You’re Goal:

Think of you’re health every time you feel like smoking. There are higher chance that you’ll stop smoking. Sometimes it actually hurts to smoke, and yet people keep doing it.

2. Make A Right Group:

Change you’re social group, avoid people who encourage you for smoking.

3. Exercise :

Make exercise a regular habit, believe me the more you involve in physical training, lesser you remember the smoking. After exercise, even if you try to smoke, it will not make you feel good. You will start hating smoking.

4. Be Smart And Attractive :

It looks good when some movie actor do it on screen but do they really smoke for entire life? quitting smoking can make you’re lips devil red and attractive. You can also prevent tooth decay and improve personality by making you’re much stronger after no smoking. Over all it will improve you’re personality and face looks too.

5. Heart Disease Risk Reduction :

Think of you’re love, “The Heart”. How healthy it will be after you stop smoking.

6. Expectant Mothers :

Do not make a mistake of smoking if you are a pregnant women. You will be risking you’re newborns life.

7. Choose A Quit Date:

I know, it’s hard to quit but you can do it slowly. At the early stage, do not force you’re self on quit smoking rather just decide a quite date, a day in a week. Quit smoking is procedure step wise and you have to to do it slowly.

8. Remove All Tobacco:

Remove All Tobacco products such as lighter, match box from home or offices. Strongly recommended not to keep cigarette packets in you’re pocket or in office/home.

9. Rubber Effect:

Use a big fat rubber band on your wrist. The moment you get a feeling to smoke, pull the rubber band back and “snap” your wrist, this triggers the sensation goes away with the sting of the snap.

10. Drink heavily:

Replace smoking by drinking water heavily; be careful not to drink too much or it will make your stomach look like a balloon for a few weeks. You may need to stay close to a bathroom.

11. Tell Everyone About Quit Plan:

This is very good idea to inform you’re friends, office colleagues and family about quit smoking plan so that they also can help you.

12. How about a mint:

Have a low-calorie mint or chewing gum instead of a dirty, stinky cigarette.

13. Make a poster:

Last one, how about making a poster with a statement “I WILL STOP SMOKING PERMANENTLY” and posting on you’re wall.

No matter how hard it is while doing these steps, even if you fail to quit smoking do not hesitate repeat the steps. After all failure brings the success one day.

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