How to make Dirty Home Smell Good ?

To keep home fresh we generally use home freshener s like scents or perfumes. There are so many ways to keep home fresh and healthy. We always try when guests arrived in our home they got good smell from our home and they appreciate it. So people buy so many expensive products to make home fresh but it can also be done with some easy ways and non expensive things.

1. Sprinkle baking soda on the floor. Baking soda neutralizes pH levels, which, in short, can kill odors. Sprinkle baking soda evenly on the floor to get rid of any odors that may be there.

Sprinkle baking soda on the floor

2. Candles are the other option to make home smell good but it’s not for long time. Some candles are available in market which burns with fragrance. So some people use it for room freshener.

home smell good with air freshner candles

3. Diffuses are very economical and can be reused. There are so many varieties of essential oils which is also used as diffuser, and also it can be diluted with water to use it for long time. You can also make homemade air freshener with these oils.

Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners

4. Put your dry sheet in the drawer to keep them as fresh. Don’t put new clothes with dry clothes as new clothes consist of diff smell so it can strain them.

Put your dry sheet in the drawer

5. Do not smoke inside the home. If you are the smoker then try to smoke outside because bad smell of cigarette can affect the environment of room. And also it’s harmful for health.

Do not smoke inside the home

Do not smoke inside the home

6. Decorate vase with fresh flowers is one of the best and easy way of keeping home smell good. If you are changing flower regularly and placing new flowers then also your home stay fresh with fragrance.

Decorate vase with fresh flowers

7. While cleaning use good quality of product which cleans the floor as well it leaves soft n good smell. The smell can linger for long time. While vacuuming you can use baby product or baking soda instead of expensive carpet power.

8. You can also keep your kitchen clean and fresh by throwing waste and disposals that create bad smell immediately to the garbage.

don’t keep waste in kitchen, throw it immediately

9. keep your bathroom clean by ensuring that all caulk and grout. If the smell comes from place where shampoo and soap kept then put some baking soda by the cup of vinegar and let it there for 15 minutes then wash it with hot water. This way your bathroom remain fresh.

Keep you bathroom clean

10. If you have pets make sure they are tidy and don’t go to messy place n make home dirty. Ensure that they also have routine of bathing and having fresh products and especially the place where pet spent maximum time, should be clean.

keep your pets clean

keep your pets clean

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  1. Very useful tips. My husband smokes a lot and that just makes our house stink. I am making him quit and also trying some natural incense like Cycle Pure’s woods incense. It smells really good and has an exotic perfume. Do check it out here:

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