How to increase stamina through exercise and proper diet

In today’s world we all need to give our best in order to achieve our goals, live our dreams. This can be possible only when we have sufficient strength and stamina to work harder each day..Taking us near to our dreams.

Here are some great ways to increase stamina through exercise.

  1. 1.    Interval training

It is the training consisting of intervals of both high intensity and low intensity physical activity. There are different levels to increase the stamina slowly and gradually. Different types of interval training include

  • Fast running followed by slow jogging and continuing the cycle.
  • A combination of pushups and stretching also is great.

The high intensity exercises will help your body to increase stamina and light exercises are repeated turn by turn which adjusts the body according to the situation every time.

 2. Cycling:

It is a great workout for increasing stamina. Cycling is great for curing many health problems as well. Just follow these simple rules and bike your way down the road.

  • Own a bicycle; a simple one or a race bike doesn’t matter
  • Measure the distance you are cycling each day.
  • If you want to increase the stamina focus more on the mileage (distance) than intensity (speed).
  • Increase the distance traveled each day and makes a steady progress over a few weeks.
  •  There will be an increase in the intensity of riding and your stamina to ride.

3. Swimming:

Swimming is one form of exercise that will surely increase your stamina .it’s an awesome way to strengthen your muscles and improving your cardiac-action apart from strengthening the lung capacity. A good cardiac and lung function are essentials for a good stamina. So opt for swimming if it’s the type within your reach.

4. Stair climbing

Stair climbing is a new concept in exercise training but a novel one. You just need to have some good number of steps for this.

How to do it?

  • Go up and down the stairs till your legs hurt
  • Gradually increase the up and down cycles
  • Go higher often
  • Use stairs at all times

A great exercise to strengthen heart muscles and the muscles of the lower limbs.

5. Wall Climbing:

Wall climbing is a tough kind of an exercise because for climbing a wall you are supposed to lift your own body’s weight and hold yourself. Doing this requires stamina and strength in your muscles to lift up your weight. As is with stair climbing, wall climbing also requires you to go as higher, because the higher you go, the more effort it requires, and thus more stamina. Wall climbing is a one in a week exercise but if the frequency is higher, your stamina gain will be faster.

6. Yoga:

Yoga is more of a posture exercise.

More about yoga

  • The  muscles  strain  a lot holding a particular posture for quite some time and
  • The typical postures are difficult to maintain.
  • Different  postures strengthen various muscles
  • Also includes various breathing exercises to increase stamina by improving the breathing capability and muscle intensity
  • Yoga needs a proper trainer so that one may not suffer side effects of wrong postures.

7. Team Sports:

Doing it the traditional way is through different kinds of sports.


  • a good choice to increase stamina
  • Sports help the body muscles to grow and strengthen
  • Helps in developing hand to eye coordination.
  • allows you to shoo away stress
  • The main boon of sports is that they help you to build your stamina along with having fun on the go.

8. Plyometrics:

Plyometrics is a new concept in the field or exercising. It includes exercises that are based on exerting maximum force on the muscles in a very short period of time. This increases muscle strength and speed increasing the stamina. The muscles undergo rapid contraction and extension


  • repeated jumping,
  • box jumps
  • hurdling,
  •  bounding
  •  drop jumps
  • push-ups
  •  Single leg hops
  • high-knee skipping
  • fast-feet running

9. Fast-paced Lifting:

Another good way of increasing stamina is through weight lifting. Surprised?

If it is done at a faster pace and with high intensity, then it will be increase in stamina of a person and not just the strength. In fact it is one of the best ways to boost your body s metabolism. Fast-paced lifting will not kill your muscles tissues but instead will protect and strengthen them along with improving the stamina.

10. Hybrid exercises:

It is based on the concept of combining exercises for better results. You can try the hybrid exercises to increase stamina. Hybrid exercises are performed by combining different patterns of muscle movement. They enable you to use the time and improve the strength and building endurance too. Examples

  • squat with shoulder press,
  •  power-lifting (like in Olympics),
  • lunge and shoulder press,
  • upper and lower body exercises

Most people complain that even after doing it right, they often don’t get the desired results… ever wondered why? Because they exercise right… but eat the wrong way. To get great results from exercising one has to eat it right too.

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