Normally people who are affected with eye vision problems don’t want to use specs or lenses . Eyes are the very sensitive and soft part of our body we have to extra care about it. We can keep our eyes naturally healthy by following methods.


1. Find a pencil, then concentrate on it dot. For some time like for 5 to 6 minute .repeat the procedure regularly


2. HOLD PENCIL IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, AT ARMS LENGTH-keep the pencil vertical which is pointing towards floor or top. And focus on it.

3. FOCUS EYE ON THE MARK WHICH YOU DREW ON THE PENCIL-until your eyes solidly focused on that mark doesn’t proceed to next step.

4.SLOWLY MOVE THE PENCIL TOWARD YOUR FACE MAINTAINING YOUR FOCUS ON SAME POINT-try to bring pencil straight level to the nose as it become closer adjust your eye to maintain the same focus level.

5. STOP WHEN YOU SEE TWO PENCILS –stop moving the pencil towards your face as soon as pencil doubles.


6. CLOSE YOUR EYES OR LOOK AWAY FOR FEW SECONDS-without leaving the position of pencil just close your eyes for a moment. Or view somewhere else instead of pencil.

7. NOW AGAIN START FOCUSING ON PENCIL AFTER REFRESHING YOUR SO THAT IT ARENT SEEING DOUBLE- follow this procedure only when pencil not seeing double. If it seeing double then close your eyes again and follow this next step after some time.

8. NOW SLOWLY MOVE THE PENCIL AWAY FROM THE FACE –keep focus on the mark and again keep going it as arms length.


9. REPEAT EXERCISE- pencil push-up is best exercise for eyes if it is done regularly.

10. Do relaxation exercises like rub both palm of your hand due to which heat generate in them and put that warm palm on your eyes and press slightly and make your eyes relax.


  1. MAINTAIN MOISTURE OF YOUR EYE-the most important this is to keep your healthy and for that natural balance of moisture within your eyes is necessary. Dry eyes can cause itchiness and pain in your eyes so to avoid this condition keep blinking your eyes frequently while watching television or computer.

  2. LOWERING THE BRIGHTNESS level of your computer screen -to relax your eyes lower the brightness level of your computer screen but notice that don’t lower it level too much so that u find trouble to viewing image.

  3. TAKE REGULAR REST-if your eye focused on any task from long time so it is strongly suggested to take break in between shot duration. Taking break after every half hour increases the stress and relaxes the eyes.

  4. PROTECT YOUR EYE FROM ULTRA VIOLET RAYS-going out in sunlight without may be harmful for your eyes because of ultraviolet rays and dust particles in environment so to protect your eyes with such factors wear good quality of sunglasses.

  5. GET SOME SLEEP-sleep is the best medicine for body .to maintain moisture of our eye and repairing damage cell the sleep is very important. Sleeps relax your eye muscles and help to improve your eye vision and make your sight more clear vision.



1.NUTRITION-the eye need good nutrition to well function .take the food which is rich in beta carotene like carrot ,kale, apricot and blueberries and stay away from the junk food like pizza ,fries and etc.

2. STAY HYDRATED-human being is made up of 60 percent of water. If your eyes are often dry, tired and blurred try to increase intake of water which helps u to maintain moisture in your body and eye as well.

3. VITAMINS FOR VITAL VISION-take plenty of vitamins A and C   which help to increase your vision quality. Omega 3 fatty acid are that essential nutrients that can maximize your health. Omega 3’s can help your retina to keep healthy and stop age related affects.

4 TAKE AMINO ACIDS-the acid turine are essential for health of your eyes because it protects eyes from free radicals that can cause damage overtime. They are helpful in keeping eye tissue healthy and prevent deterioration.

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