How To fix Dry And Cracked Feet

There are huge numbers of people having dry, cracked, itchy feet that makes you feel often embarrassed when it becomes display. If your feet do not generate natural oils, as they depends on sweat glands to moisturize themselves to keep them soft. There are few points that can maintain your body from doing this itself. This includes thyroid trouble, diabetes, or any chronic illness that affects your skin, aging, and edema. This can also be happened due to vitamin deficiencies, bacteria, overexposure to water, fitting shoes, and lack of air flow around the feet.

How To fix Dry And Cracked Feet

How To fix Dry And Cracked Feet


What causes dry and cracked feet?

  • Cold weather and inside heating
  • Ill-fitting boots and shoes
  • Inappropriate daily care of the feet
  • Standing on your feet for all day 

Here I am going to tell you some easy home remedies to attempt. There are so many things most likely in your fridge and kitchen cupboards all the time that can put your feet on the path to smoothness.

  • 1 cup of white vinegar mix with 2 gallons warm water, saturate for 30-45 minutes once a week. Now rinse, dry, and apply moisturizer.
  • half cup of baking soda in to 1 gallon warm water, mix until dissolved and soak 30-45 minutes, then rinse, dry, now apply moisturizer and socks
  • 1 gallons of warm water with few drops tea tree oil, soak, rinse, dry, moisturize, and apply socks 
  • 1 gallons of warm water, 2 Tablespoons lemon juice, soak, rinse, dry, and apply socks.

Olive oil, Vaseline, coconut oil, or any kitchen oil are better option than any other lotion. You can add 1-2 drop of an essential oil which make it smell better. You have to be sure to use an essential oil and not any fragrance oil, because fragrance oil is an additive that makes them unsafe for skin use. You can also try 1 Tablespoon olive oil mixing with a few drops of lemon juice. Mix these 2 oils well and rub it on the affected area. It is recommended to use clean cotton socks, cotton will allow air to flow while your feet soak up the dampness.

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