How to burn calories without even sweating?

If you are moving your body all day long, then it is a type of activity. People who do such small activities all day are found to be fit and fine. A person who does small activities all day is much better than a person who exercises for an hour than don’t move from his/her seat for an entire day.

How to burn calories without even sweating

According to the recent study, people whose jobs are on the seat for more than 6 hours are found to be more prone to overweight sooner.

The solution is stand up after every little while, take few steps, move your body, and do any other action listed below. These activities will keep you fit and will help you prevent overweight issue without even sweating. 

# 1 – Fidget

Moving your feet restlessly or tapping your feet in your seat, you’ll burn up to 350 calories a day just by fidgeting.

# 2 – Chew gum

Chewing gum not only helps you get rid of acidity but also burns a few calories. It keeps you from robotically eating, especially when you’re cooking. Just be polite and chew!

# 3 – Walk briskly

Don’t just walk with no life. Pick up the speed and move it! If you’re going someplace, “Walk like you’re late for a meeting,” says Gunnar Peterson, who trains Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles.

# 4 – Limit yourself to one TV show:

TV is the biggest reason; people spend their huge time on a sofa with no activity. The average Indian tunes in for 2 hours a day, a very bad habit for your waistline.

According to the Harvard researchers, every 2 hours spent watching television increases the possibilities of obesity by 23% and increases your risk of rising diabetes by 14%. Decide to watch TV only for an hour and trade rest one hour in walking with friends having nice chat and you can hack your obesity risk by 24% and decreases your risk of diabetes by 34%.

# 5 – Walk the halls at work:

When you’re stuck for ideas at work, get up and walk the halls. Stand and stretch during phone calls. Twice a day, get up and walk to talk to a colleague instead of e-mailing. Stanford University researchers calculated that if you were to walk across your office building and back to talk to a coworker instead of spending the same 2 minutes e-mailing, you could spare yourself 11 pounds over 10 years–effectively avoiding the “midlife spread.”  

# 6 – Fire the maid and gardener:

You hire maid or gardener to make your life easier which ends up making you heavier. Daily tasks, like weeding the garden, trimming hedges, mowing the lawn and cleaning house, which can help you to an aerobic workout. Any such activities of 30 minutes can easily make improvements in blood pressure, fitness, and body fat.

# 7 – Cook yourself:

Cooking is the great way to burn calories. Slicing, dicing, and those small movements while cooking burns many calories.

# 8 – Consider a stepper: If you are an office worker then a portable mini stepper like the Stamina InStride Electronic Mini Stepper is ideal for you. Two small Stair-climber like pedals without the machine attached while making phone calls or replying e-mail burned an extra 290 calories an hour. The stepper is moderately inexpensive and undersized enough to slide under your desk.

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