How To Be Smart And Cool Forever

This guide will help you to become a cool dude without changing your area of interest. Many people thinks like you are a nerd if you like to make computer program or you are straight A student. One should keep in mind that it is possible to be cool and smart at the same time.

How To Be Smart And Cool Forever

How To Be Smart And Cool Forever

Analyze the situation

Firstly you have to analyze the situation whether you are a nerd at all? How nerdy are you? What people think about you how they perceive you we are taking their opinion just as a tool to analyze our personal development. Beside that you are smart and not nerdy.

Learn to listen

You should always let the other person to speak also, it is good that you are talkative and can hold up the conversation but you should at the same time keep in mind that talk when the people are interested to listen you and make a habit to listen others as well when they are talking.

Less Personal Life Discussion In Public

Don’t give the entire description about your personal life for example if someone questions you for funs what do u like to do? just answer honestly do not give all the details.

Do not brag

You should always avoid being a known-it-all, they are the ones who always try to correct the grammar and ideas of people. Never do such things which you need to be a bragger like you should avoid saying that you are superior or better than someone by means of bragging.  You’re thinking is wrong if you think that you are being “cool” by bragging but the fact is that bragging is annoying.

Avoid doing pointless things

You should posses some qualities like always think more about the knowledge that you possess rather than the grades you are getting. You should have some kind of integrity and class that differs you from others. Believe in this phrase –fail rather than cheat, i.e. you would love to get fail instead of cheating others.

D not respond to idiot talk

When people insults you or say anything insulting about you, try to avoid them and should not even respond to them. You should be cool as you know you are cool. You can simply walk away if they are bothering you again and again and if you don’t want to walk away like this only, then you should do a snippy comeback.

Have a good hygiene

Hygiene is the most important aspect of ones personality. Although people concentrate on their looks, they don’t give much attention to these things like gunk teeth, too-small clothes and greasy hairs. You should always keep in mind the following things in order to maintain your hygiene-you should shower regularly every day, brush your teeth, floss you should also wear deodorants/antiperspirant and brush your hairs as well. You can try contact if you think glasses don’t suit you. Don’t worry if you have to go through orthodontic treatment and you have to wear braces.

Try to be balanced

If you want to improve your brain and mood then you have to exercise daily this is shown in the studies done .by performing your daily physical routine tasks you can build up your stamina and strength as well, you can also gain it through sports. It will be helpful for those who have mighty brain but weak and uncoordinated muscles.

Dress cool

You have to be smart in front of others although you might be a nerd inside, but you have to look cool outside so wear stuff that are cool outside.

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