How To Be Luckiest Guy On This Planet?

We all know, how important is to be lucky on this planet. You do all hard work that you can put, still fail to succeed is your hard luck. You have seen many, who just do the task in no time, get success and are happy. We call them lucky guy on this planet.

How to be a luckiest guy on this planet

You must be eager to know, how do I get lucky too?

My definition of being lucky:

  • To be happy everyday
  • No hassle in entire day
  • Live with simple goals

You feel down, sees roadblocks, forgot the happiness or hate yourself. No worries, you can be lucky if concentrate on 4 important aspects of your life.

  • Physical
  • Mental 
  • Emotional 
  • Spiritual

Being fit is the motto of everyone’s life, but the sad part is just accept this fact but don’t act on it.


How about waking up at 5-2 AM, doing exercise or playing your favorite sports. You can not be happy if you are unfit, instead you can not face challenges and you will scold your luck for no reason. Seems unfair, right!


Scan your surroundings, know about people. Who is good person. If someone lifts you up, welcome them and cut off those who drag you. You have to be honest, while following mentioned scanning process else you will loose favor from your loved once.


Write down ideas, daily facts of your life. List down anything you wish to do. Say, you want to list down the ideas to work from home, I am sure you can list about 10 in 10-15 minutes and you will say idea are finished now. Believe me, if you can wake up tomorrow with the same aim to list down 10 more ideas, you can do it. If you can list 10 ideas daily, I am sure! you will get something unique that will blow up everyone and you will become successful with it.


Be spiritual, from my point of view Spiritual is pureness in you. How to achieve it?


Pray to anything you wish to be thankful and not taking all the credits. It will help you maintain your ego.


I found meditation quite boring, but I still do it at least for a minute in a day. It really helps you feel your body, mind and soul.

Offer Forgiveness:

Think of people who has done wrong for you, and forgive me. Great people forgive the sinner.


Call it study, research or anything, the aim is to learn something new daily. World is growing fast with your every breath. Don’t put yourself back because you have less knowledge and did not update about latest stuff.


Following above tips daily will show you some coincidence in few months. Your ideas will start flowing within 3-4 months, people surrounding you will help you in everything and you will start feeling the luckiest guy on this planet.

What you get?

  • More Luck 
  • More Money
  • More Health
  • More Friends

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