Forget Apple And Samsung, PhoneBloks Is The Future!

The recent technology is moving so fast, but a the other hand it is easy to understand as well. Though, you have millions of apps and games but you still have an development tool that eases you to develop apps and games without any coding knowledge.

Even though, we are moving fast with technology. We scrap the phones in around 2 years due to hardware compatibility issue. Newer software do not work if your phones are older. Here, we have a new concept to overcome this issue presented by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. Phoneblock is the new innovative concept by Dave Hakkens to overcome hardware compatibility issue.

Phonebloks- customized phone with separate blocks

To this concept, phone will have detachable blocks which will plugged in together to the common base. Each block will represent, every component of the phone such as battery, camera, processor, memory, Bluetooth, WiFi so that required blocks can be attached or removed. Any time you want to upgrade any of the functionality of the phone, you just need to buy that block to upgrade your phone. For example, if your phone has a processor of 1 GHz, and wish to upgrade to 2 GHz, just buy a processor block of 2 GHz.

Phonebloks- made to upgrade and repair

The phone is still a concept, and designer is hoping to reach this sound concept to the giant cell pone manufactures with help of web surfers.

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