Food Scientist Invent Plant Based Veg Egg, Now Go Vegan With Eggs

It’s been a long conversation since many years, whether egg is veg or non-veg? A US based company has claimed to made an artificial egg from plants.

The company has also made artificial mayonnaise and other baked goods using these plant based eggs.

Food Scientist Invent Plant Based Veg Egg, Now Go Vegan With Eggs

As the covered company CEO Josh Tetrick, the eggs are made from peas, sorghum and 11 plants in total.

“When I got back, I wanted to see how I could use business to make a difference,” Tetrick who holds a Juris Doctor from Michigan Law School, told “After reading a lot about our food system, I began to see how crazy it was.”

“Realistically they are never going to replace any significant amount of the poultry industry,” US Department of Agriculture research physiologist Raymond Glahn said.

“Products like these come along all the time,” said Glahn.

It is believed that, this will not affect poultry and egg industry. But these egg eggs can bring great nutritional value to achieve optimal health. Apart of health benefits, these veg eggs are 19 % cheaper than the normal poultry egg cost.

Positive Signs

  • Normal Eggs come from dimly lit or smellling industry warehouse
  • Putting aside animal cruelty
  • 19% less cost than normal egg
  • Food Safety
  • Bill Gates and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel has already approved veg egg and could not tell the difference

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