Eccentricities of famous people

There is a joke that if a person is poor and he is weird, he’s simply ‘weird’. But when a person is rich and weird, he is ‘eccentric’. Let’s look at the eccentricities of some famous people. Some of these have shaped them into personalities, as we know them today. Some did not have any practicality at all.

Quentin Tarantino

He is known for handwriting all his film scripts. After a preliminary version is accomplished, he starts typing it on a PC. Since he types really low and with two fingers, he has plenty of additional time to think everything over once again.

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Salvador Dali

This man was actually full of eccentricities. Their list can be continued on pages. But one of the most bizarre things in his personality was that he was carrying a snuffbox filled with the moustache! And he offered everyone he started a conversation with, “Would you like some moustache?”

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John Quincy Adams

The USA’s sixths president (1825-1829) had mighty health and liked to swim every morning naked in the Potomac River. He did it all year round, even on very frosty days. Once, his clothes were hidden by one of the journalists forcing him to give an interview in exchange for the promise to give them back.

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Richard Feynman

One of the most profound physicists of the world received the Noble Prize for his work in the field of quantum aerodynamics, the basics of which were designed by him when in a strip club!

Річард Фейнман — Вікіпедія

Benjamin Franklin

One of the greatest American presidents and the Founding Father loved to think that air baths repel from him all sicknesses. So he loved sitting naked near the window enjoying airflow on his skin.

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Francis Bacon, 20th-century artist

The direct descendant (1909-1992) of Francis Bacon, the philosopher (1561-1626), with the same name, loved to work when in a hangover. He told everyone that only in this state his mind was capable of creating because it was free at most.

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Steve Jobs

During periods in his life, the Apple founder was sticking to the fruitarian diet. This diet means that people only eat fruits and nothing more. Sometimes, he could eat the same and only fruit for entire weeks. He had an opinion that such nutrition can relieve him from bad body odor. It is believed today that such a diet was wrong for his body on a biological level, triggering and exaggerating his health problems, which lead to his premature death.Steve Jobs followed a simple 3-step formula for all of his speeches -  Business Insider

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