Detecting Every Single Nutritional Deficiencies, Must Read

November 22, 2013 by 5 Comments

Here today at i-facts, we will help you to find out the symptoms of vitamin deficiencies so that you can detect the nutritional deficiencies. You can have a healthy diet by the help of which, the needs of a growing body can be fulfilled but as we all are having a busy lifestyle  and our pattern of eating is sometime fastidious which leads to deficiency of certain vitamins in our body. A symptom, in better way indicates the deficiencies rather than sign.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies , image source

+ Hands

If you are having cold hands it indicates the deficiency of magnesium which includes hypothyroidism and with low output chronic fatigue also.

+ Nails

If you are having white spots in your nails it indicates the deficiency of minerals but more often, it indicates the deficiency of zinc.

Zinc deficiency is also indicated by ridges.

If your nails are soft or brittle it indicates the deficiency of magnesium

If you have the deficiency of minerals you will often bite your nails.

+ Skin

If you have stretch marks on your skin you are suffering from the deficiency of zinc.

Deficiency of vitamin A leads to follicular hyperkeratosis.

If you are having deficiency of vitamins C or K or platelet deficiency spontaneous bleeds will be visible on your skin.

If you take beta carotene in excessive amount you will have yellow palms.

Chicken skin is due to deficiency of essential fatty acids.

+ Mouth

If you have the deficiency of iron, you will have pale fissured tongue.

By having the deficiency of vitamin B3, your tongue will be sore painful fissured.

Due to deficiency of vitamin B2 you will have the problem of peeling of lips, sore burning lips and tongue.

If you have the deficiency of folic acid you will have painful sore tongue with a smooth appearance.

Cracked lips are due to the deficiency of vitamin B2.

+ Sking of face

If you have deficiency of vitamin B2, skin of your face and sides of nose will be greasy red scaly.

You will have seborrheic dermatitis around your nose and on your forehead you will have acne like rash it is due to the deficiency of vitamin B6

+ Eyes

If you have deficiency of chromium or excess free radicals you will have cataracts in your eyes.

If you have certain kind of allergies or food intolerances you will have bags or dark rings under eyes.

When you have the deficiency of vitamin B12 it results in premature grey hair and blue eyes.

+ Throat

If you are having the deficiency of iodine, hypothyroidism there will be swelling in your thyroid.

+ Heart

Due to deficiency of magnesium and Co Q 10 you can have the heart problems like irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure and cardiomegaly it can also arise if you are having sensitivity to caffeine.

+ Legs

If you have deficiency of magnesium you will have tender calf muscles.

Due to magnesium deficiency you will have brisk knee reflexes.

If you have salicylate sensitivity nasal polyps will arrive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How much mag and zinc do you need to help

  2. Anonymous says:

    That ill b more better if you mention the diet as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have sensitivity to zinc, it makes me ill for a period of time. How do I counter that?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nobody ever mentions yellow eye lids. I have it, and not sure what it means

  5. Anonymous says:

    Could you add references to this??

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