Cool 10 food lifehacks to enrich your kitchen experience

Food is one of the cults of people. All those diets, principles of nutrition, specificities for different groups of people… We eat for satiating. We eat to diversify our life. And we spend enormous money in expensive restaurants to brighten up the living. Yet, most of us still spend hours in a kitchen every week. Looks like everyone needs some portion of cool food lifehacks, huh? So listen.

  1. To swiftly remove bad odor from your fridge, simply cut a whole lemon into 5-6 slices and put them as is in various corners of it. In 3-6 hours, no smells will remain. Leave one slice of lemon to lie there constantly (change it every week) and you’ll never again have bad smells in the fridge. To some extent, it works for rooms, including bathroom and toilet.
  2. Egg slicer is wonderful for fresh mushrooms, soft cheeses, and strawberries. Even more so than for eggs! With its help, you’ll process a pound of product in just a minute or two.
  3. Have you forgotten about your food leftovers and now they are dried up to plates? For easy washing without hours of soaking, pour some water into that volume and put it in a microwave oven. Heated and steamed water will soften all dried leftovers in a matter of several minutes. That works well, too, for burnt food in microwave-allowed dishes.Проблеми в роботі мікрохвильової печі
  4. Did something burn a little and now looks unpretty? Use the grater to peel off the burned places. It will look yummier in a minute.
  5. When you have no time to wait until your cold butter brick softens to use it for cooking, use the grater’s big holes to grate it into small pieces, which then take significantly lesser time to soften.
  6. To avoid the occurrence of insects in flour, macaroni, wheat, lettuce, and other cereals and grains of all kinds, keep them in enclosed food-plastic or food-metal containers in a fridge. Keeping them without the cold makes it more probable for insects to eventually get inside and reproduce.
  7. Using a veggie peeler can be much wider than it is. For instance, cut crumbs of chocolate for garnishing a cake, cut flakes of cold butter to put on a toast, slice off the cheese to make it more even than with a knife, cut potato chips for easy homemade chip-making.10 прихованих можливостей овочечистки, про які знають тільки 2 господині з  десяти
  8. To prevent sticky substances to stick to the bottom and walls of measuring cups, thoroughly spray them with cooking oil before pouring in anything.
  9. It is possible to waffle-ize a lot of food using your kitchen waffle maker: eggs, toasts with cheese, hash browns, carrot cake, tofu, sticky rice, or cornbread. There are hundreds of such recipes on the Internet.
  10. Your fridge gets dirty inside. But if you hate cleaning it, cut some self-sticking decorative film-based paper and glue it onto shelf surfaces. When it’s cleaning time, simply de-stick it to receive super clean surfaces.

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