Big Signs Of Depression in Men

Depression is the most common issue amongst man because men always suffer through more work stress. Sometimes clinical depression causes sadness and one can lose interest from pleasurable activities.

Depression in Men

Depression in Men



Depresses people experience series of emotional and physical changes. And a huge possibility of facing fatigue which could lead to psychomotor retardation and slowing other physical movements such as speech and thought process.

Lack of Sleep or Over Sleeping

Waking up earlier than normal time, that is less than 6 hours or excessive sleeping is an another sign to depression.

Stomach ache or Back ache

Constipation or diarrhea, back ache and stomach ache are the common issues during depression. Because a depressed person always feel uncomfortable and realizes any pain sooner, it also set negative mind sooner than normal person.


 There is no doubt that depresses person reacts faster with aggression, negativity touches the person to the small talks. Sometimes they react wrong even to the correct things.

Short of Concentration

As discussed in the earlier point, psychomotor retardation slows down thinking process and physical movements. It directly affects concentration level, because it leaves you impatient and does not let you concentrate over task or work assigned.


Depression always reflects to others in terms of anger because anger is the easiest way to react. Men are more likely to show angriness than women. They are more socially acceptable that they react instantly with anger.


Anxiety disorder is a strong signal to depression. Women are more susceptible to anxiety than men. Men tend to express their feelings rather than keeping mum.

Alcohol Effect

People consuming alcohol are more likely to suffer from depression than the normal people. Drinking in a limit once a week could be normal but taking alcohol in very little tension is a sign that you are suffering from depression.

Sexual Facts

Depression makes you lose many things. Lack of interest in work, social life and even in sexual activity is possible. It also affects your erectile dysfunction or reduces your sexual performance.


There is a group of people having hard time deciding things in daily life. But if you are good at making decisions and suddenly it has hit badly deciding things. Depression gives you nothing but makes your more impatient and crates confusion in your life.

Suicidal thought

Women are more likely to get suicidal thoughts, as they are not so strong from heart. This is nothing but the depression which always pulls you in negativity.

No doubt!

Everyone in life suffers from tension, stress and get in to depression. But the point is to overcome these stupid feelings and live your life at fullest. Please comment your positive attitude to kill depression.


19 Replies to “Big Signs Of Depression in Men”

  1. shouldn”t think more that effect the brain……….. or get check ups of b12……. this is the main reson for depression…….

  2. unless you are really brave enough to commit suicide , then you should be happy with whatever your life is….because guess what ? you cant fly out of your body and live someone else’s life you are going to live life as it as anyway so..what is the point of making that a miserable experience ? why not enhance your life one step at a time ???

  3. Listen to your favourite music. Do some deep breathing exercise. Write down your feelings in a piece of paper. If possible go to a distant place and shout aloud and release your frustration. Look into the mirror and see how you look when you are depressed and it will definitely help you to overcome it to certain extent. If talking to a close person is not what you want then just record your feelings and listen to them yourself at successive periods of time. Go out for a little jog or walk down the lane. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee and some sandwich..
    The point is just don’t succumb to the thought..Do something to keep your mind busy..

  4. i dont think stress, tension and in depression are stupid feelings, yes we all go through it some come out the other side others dont……but theres nothing stupid about it……..

  5. keep yourself busy may it be reading or work or games….. reading is the best that works for me there is an ocean of knowledge to discover, you are less vulnerable to negative thoughts till you are surrounded by positive thoughts and people

  6. to overcome depression ..there’s only one way …GO AND START SLAPPING PEOPLE ON THE STREETS….go and have a’s worth a shot

  7. “because men always suffer through more work stress”???
    “Women are more likely to get suicidal thoughts, as they are not so strong from heart”???
    fuck you, you fucking sexist piece of shit! whoever wrote this seriously needs to take a look into recent gender studies!!

  8. therapy helps trying to keep peace and positive reactions to the people you care about less talk on negative deal with the problem right away then forget about it think positive act with kindness and everyone around you follows

  9. Just go to the how is responsible for u r depression and hit fucking hard u can or say what that fuck u want to say about them

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