7 Minutes Total Exercise Routine

We have talked about health and exercise routines many times, but the fact is some people did not get time to follow each and every instruction. This is a good sign that even after having no time out of your busy office or business, you still wish to read further about what’s something new about 7 minutes total exercise routine. You should feel proud and get more confidence that you have that positive energy to keep pushing and win any race you wish to.

7 Minutes Total Exercise Routine

7 Minutes Total Exercise Routine; image source: dailymail.co.uk

Coming to the point, 7 minutes total exercise routine does not require any equipment. This is an ideal exercise routine for those who are actually busy in their life. However, other’s who are keen to save time or prefer to less exercise can also go for it without any hesitation.

Guidelines to follow 7 minutes total exercise:

  • Each step should be performed for 30 seconds
  • After every step, take a rest of 10 seconds only
  • Keep your abdominal muscles contracted while doing any below mentioned step

# 1 – Step-up Chair

This is one of my favourite steps, and I enjoyed it a lot. It is as simple as walking, you just have to step up on the chair and stand on it. Now, get down the chair in the reverse way. This exercise will build your thighs, hips and boost your metabolism.

# 2 – Squats

Stand on a flat surface, lift your right leg but do not extend it beyond your toes and take it down slowly. Repeat the steps for 20 seconds with other leg alternatively. Remember to keep your other body parts straight to avoid any muscle cramp.

# 3 – Triceps Dip On Chair

Make a chair position, with support your back to the wall. Now, bend your leg at 90 degree angle keeping your elbows bent all the time, slowly lower down your buttocks towards the floor. Push back until your arms are straight.

# 4 – Jumping Jack

Stand up with your straight feet and arms at your side, now slightly bend your knees and jump upward. When you jump, raise your arms and take them down while legs touching the ground.

# 5 – Wall Sit

Stand near wall, keeping a distance of 2 feet and back facing to wall. Lean against the wall slowly and slide down until your legs are bent at 90 degree, making a chair position. Maintain this chair position for 20 seconds.

# 6 – Push-up

Push-ups always help to build pectoral muscles and triceps. Push your body up and down using your upper body and arm strength. Keep your body straight, sit on your legs and get up immediately.

# 7 – High Knees Running in Place

If you cannot go out for running, you can do it at home without treadmill. Start running on the spot lifting your knees high but keeping them beyond your elbow. This exercise is best in building muscles, and provides as many health benefits that by running.

# 8 – Lunge

Lunge helps toning your different body parts, start by standing up straight with your shoulder back , step ahead with one leg, lower your hips until knees bent at 90 degree angle.  You need to maintain the weight on your heels with the same position for 20 seconds.

# 9 – Abdominal Crunch

Get down on the floor, facing up, bent your legs, and curl your shoulders towards the pelvis. You can place your hands across your neck or chest.

# 10 – Plank

Plank is best to build your core and arm strength. lie down the floor, facing floor with your arms in 90 degree and elbows resting on the floor. Push down on your toes, to extend your feet to push your body off the ground. Now maintain your body for 20 seconds, resting it on your elbows and toes.

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  1. Planks are THE best help for a bad bloodflow. By time, planking becomes easier and you can hold longer. Sideways planking is a good for supraspinatus strength and back stability. They should be taught in sports lessons straight in primary school !

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