6 hidden facts you didn’t know about laptops.

Laptops are amongst the best electronic innovations in our time. Laptop is a very common gadget this days as it is portable and easy to use. We use laptop for various purposes like browsing internet, gaming,making presentation, sending mails etc. In this article we are going to cover some interesting and hidden facts about your laptop.

  • The portable computer was called GriD Compass and was invented in 1979 by British Designer Bill Moggridge which was improved by GRiD Systems. GRiD modified the product into a folding screen that included the key-board.
  • Computer called Osborne 1 was considered by most researchers to be the first successful laptop. This portable computer weighed 24 pounds and cost $1795 !!
  • Now,you don’t have to get annoyed by your laptop’s poor battery life as the company named Earthtech invented a solar charger. It includes a 25 watt Sunling Flip-style Solar Panel along with a 300 watts power inverter and battery.
  • According to research, the most preferred laptops is the one that comes with 500 GB Hard Disk, 4 GB RAM , 2 GB Graphic Card, 15 inch screen size.
  • On average, about 12,000 laptops are stolen or lost in United States airports weekly, based on the Ponemon Institute. This equates millions of dollars annually in laptop theft, loss and security-related crimes.
  • Many exhausted people use their laptops as a pillow and fall asleep on it!

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