18 interesting facts about weather

Weather on Earth is so much more than just seasons. It’s time to find out more about planetary weather!

  1. Water tornados aren’t necessarily partners of regular wind tornados. They are very short-lived and usually don’t cause devastations, operating for only 15-30 minutes.
  2. In 1370, on Asian territory, there was one of the most massive droughts in the recorded history of humankind – it was so strong that animals and birds were falling dead from hotness and the absence of water.
  3. The winter of 1759/1760 was so cold that mercury in thermometers frozen. Until that time, people didn’t know that mercury was metal. Thus, they found the temperature of its metalizing: -38.8° C.Cold Weather Advice | Risk Management
  4. At any given random second, there are about 80-100 lightning strikes somewhere on Earth.
  5. Despite popular belief that the further into the ground one gets, the denser the ground becomes, the shell of Earth is filled with empty caverns, underground rivers (the more we lower – the more rivers are in there), bulbs in stones, and cracks in rocks. Things only stop when the thick gravel layer starts, which can last tens of kilometers in depth.
  6. 44 trillion tonnes of rainfall on Earth’s surface each day.Ученый рассказал, принесли ли осадки достаточно влаги для будущего урожая –  новости на УНН | 15 апреля 2020, 18:08
  7. In 1684, the Thames River in England was frozen for 2 months – that cold it was.
  8. Despite our planet is covered significantly more by water than by land, 90% of all lightning strikes land.
  9. The wettest place on Earth is in India, Meghalaya, where in Mawsynram, over 11 meters of water fall every year.Best time to visit Meghalaya | Weather, Best Season, Temperature
  10. In contrast, in Antofagasta, Chile, less than 1 mm of rain falls per 10 years!
  11. The span between the hottest (+56.7° C) and coldest (-89.2° C) temperatures ever recorded on Earth are amazing 145.9° C!
  12. A fog can be so dense that a person won’t be able to see an elbow of own stretched arm in front of him.Сухо, але туманно: якою буде погода в Україні 23 жовтня
  13. Mississippi river used to get frozen in its entirety in 1899 – that’s how cold it was.
  14. A tornado funnel’s widest part can be up to 1600 meters in diameter!
  15. It takes about an hour for a regular snowflake to reach the ground from a cloud it is falling from.Snowflake Formation, Shape, and Design Explained
  16. The wildest wind’s speed ever recorded was 320 km per hour – in Antarctica, Commonwealth Bay. That’s faster than most cars can drive.
  17. Rains can actually be of various objects (in addition to water): fish, frogs, coins of metal, small animals, crops. That depends on the tornado’s place of taking those from the surface, which fall back on the ground when the tornado ceases.
  18. The biggest ever-registered hail was the size of an adult man’s fist.Great balls of ice: Hail protection advice | Zurich Insurance

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