13 interesting facts about actress Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is remarkable in many ways (in addition to having a sexy husky voice and being very beautiful). Now we’re telling you interesting facts about this huge media personality.

  1. In 2016, she became the youngest person in history to acquire 4 Oscar nominations (at the age of 26). She won one Oscar in 2013 for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. And she’s the second-youngest Oscar winner ever (23).
  2. For her career (which is currently running in her 30s), she has received 118 wins and 183 nominations for various awards worldwide, including most prestigious Golden Globe, Guinness World Records, Hollywood Film Festival, MTV, Palm Springs, Nickelodeon, Venice Film Festival, Saturn, and Satellite awards.
  3. In 2015 and 2016, she was the highest-paid actress in the world.Jennifer Lawrence on Cooke Maroney: “He's The Greatest Person I've Ever  Met” | W Magazine | Women's Fashion & Celebrity News
  4. All films with her participation have grossed over 6 billion dollars worldwide, with locomotives being The Hunger Games and X-Men.
  5. Her movie heroine, Katniss Everdeen, is the highest-grossing heroine of all time in terms of revenue that films with her participation brought.
  6. To receive a role in her first movie, Winter’s Bone, she did not wash her head for 2 weeks and walked over 20 miles on foot to get to the director and played in front of him like this to eventually get the part.
  7. In order not to be confused with JLo (Jennifer Lopez), people have come up with J Law, which still sounds pretty similar.Jennifer Lawrence, 30 anni con stile. Модные новости — все новости (вчера,  сегодня, сейчас) от 123ru.net
  8. J Law rejected Prince Harry, obviously, not being interested in becoming a part of the Royal Family.
  9. Despite she hates to sing, one of her few known publically songs “Hanging Tree” (which was a promo song for “Hunger Games”) became so successful that James Newton Howard, producer, embarked on a worldwide tour to celebrate decades of writing music for Hollywood on the wave of popularity of that song. With Hanging Tree, J Law has become one of only 13 Oscar winners to enter into Billboard Hot 100. The song became gold and platinum in many countries.
  10. She starred in four movies together with Bradley Cooper, debunking all rumors of a romance between the two, as they said they simply loved to work together. 4 films became the biggest number of films of any other differently-gendered pair on screens in the history of Hollywood.Jennifer Lawrence is 'not pretty enough' to play Sharon Tate - Insider
  11. She had almost cast as Bella in Twilight Saga.
  12. She used bow and arrow in several films but never actually became any good at shooting, according to her words.
  13. She’s a very fun person and constantly laughs with many of her friends. On the film sets, if someone bulls her, she immediately overcomes them by asking, “Where do you keep your Oscar?”

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