12 things you have seen a zillion times but unaware of their names

There are things around us, which we know, and use, and got used to. But we don’t know their names. Which are those? Let’s find out!

  1. A hard plastic/metal thing topping your laces is called an aiglet or aglet. It is used for cord and lace ends to fit smoothly into their technological openings and to prevent their unwinding.
  2. When a second toe on your foot is longer than a big toe, it is a normal anatomy situation and it is called the ‘Morton’s finger’ or ‘Greek finger’.
  3. The smell that you can feel right when the raindrops start falling on the dusty ground is called petrichore. It is formed from two Greek words: petra (‘land’) and ichor (‘liquid’).
  4. A whitish half-moon at the base of your nail on fingers or toes is called a lunula. It is a visible part of your nail’s root and it is an important part of your nail’s natural anatomy (although it is not present on all fingers or toes). If some lunula is irreversibly damaged, then your nail will no longer grow as beautiful and smooth as it is. In some people, the cuticle is so long that completely covers the lunula. From a biological view, the lunula is a dough-like derma with thick collagen areas, which contribute to nail formation.
  5. When your belly is hungry, it makes you know about that with rumbling. In scientific language, this rumbling is called borborigmus.
  6. The mathematical sign of division (÷) is called ‘obelus’.Obelus, Scottish Country Dance Instruction Crib
  7. The side railing on the stairs, which you hold on with a hand while descending or ascending, is called a banister.
  8. When you fry an egg and see its transparent substance changes color becoming white, it is because it is made of protein that’s restructuring itself chemically due to heat. This state is called albumen in scientific language.
  9. An anti-burn cup holder that you put on a cup with a hot sip inside is called zarf or zarve and is alternatively known as a handless holder.Jay Sorenson | Citizenise
  10. When you are reading some bad word(s) covered by something like ‘$%@*#’, these substitute symbols are known as grawlixes.
  11. The small black opening on the top of the screen of your phone is called the proximity sensor so the phone automatically understands when you’re speaking to someone touching the screen to your skin so it turns off, not allowing you to make dummy presses (like sending someone SMS or opening a browser).
  12. A small plastic tripod with a flattened top standing in the center of your pizza is called the pizza saver – it prevents the carton box’s center to sag and to dip into your pizza, destroying its beauty.100pcs Pizza Saver Stand White Plastic Tripod Stack for Restaurant  Container|Pizza Tools| - AliExpress


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