10 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Happiness is a choice, at any time or place we can make it. Sometimes it is automatic, but we can find at the level of awareness how our feelings are influenced by our thought, feeling of miserable or being happy, by them not circumstances. We need to have discipline to control our thoughts and feelings and the result of it will be happiness.

10 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

10 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

Your body

A good posture generates a happy disposition. Our feelings are influenced by postures. It’s important to exercise for the strengthening of back muscles, core and the posterior chain. Put your head and chin up for good posture.

Live for the moment

Happiness is present in single moment; it is not in years, months, weeks, or even days. Process the emotional wounds of past and live for the present. Remember that happiness is a process, and not a goal, it’s a life choice. Mindfulness meditation is a magnificent practice by which you can have full awareness of the moment. At least for 15 minutes try to meditate everyday and increase this time further. Every place you go do not hesitate to meditate.

Improve yourself image

You should believe in your capabilities and skills. Learn to love yourself. Do exercise, meditation, love, playing with kids or animals, do things by which you feel good and have no side effects. You should try to do things, which makes you happy learn how you can enjoy every moment of your life and also how to nurture yourself.


A more concrete dream is our goal, with respect to real prospective of fulfilment for example finishing a career or a dream job. We should try to make our dreams come true. A dream is more abstract .you has to set certain rules to obtain your goals.


For your self-esteem a smile is required and important too. A signal is send to our brain that everything is OK, whenever we smile. When we are in happiness –like states, how protective genes are activated by neurochemicals, science is in beginning to understand it.

Forgive more

Your life will be impossible if you hold resentment and hate. You can liberate others from guilt and free yourself of suffering by just forgiving others’ forgiveness is a wonderful thing.

To give

If you believe in giving without expecting too much you can be happy as this is one of the secret to be happy. You will receive what you have given according to laws of energy and attraction. You will receive it in a boomerang state, if you send hate vibes.


When two people are together in spirit of respect and collaboration, synergy is shown in a natural way. You can be a true friend if you try to understand the person that surrounds you. When you are with someone else you start walking together and begin to fulfill your dreams. Build your relationships on love, respect and fidelity and cultivate friendships.


You can overcome from anxiety, preoccupations and fear by the help of faith as it provides you the ability to do things to overcome such problems. It creates confidence and gives you strength. We can be a more positive human being by having faith in ourselves; we can change our lives by having faith in positive future. It is mentioned in the research about the benefits of faith and religion.

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