The Bitter Truth Behind Plastic Water Bottles.

The bottled drinking water (mineral water), has no parasites, dioxins and floride. This is the reason, people think bottled drinking water is healthier than tap water.

The Fact Behind Bottled Drinking Water

The Fact Behind Bottled Drinking Water

Waste Of Money:

Bottled water cost around 2 rupees for manufacture and sold to the customer at a cost of 15 Rupees or above. Studies have found that, bottled water are no different than tap water. The claims from manufacture, about bottled water being healthier and tastier is just are false and a myth to few of us.

Nothing Concerned With Health:

The manufacture claimed to have health benefits with their bottled drinking water. But according to the studies, there is no such added health benefits in bottled water. You all are educated and can read the writings on bottle, ever seen any substance mentioned on label that can prove any health benefits.

Plastic Problems:

All the bottled water products are packaged with plastic, it has many health hazards. Drinking water with plastic bottle can reduce sperm count.

Plastic for mineral water bottle is made up of antimony toxins, which could lead to dizziness, and sever vomiting.

One of the study found that, plastic in bottled drinking water can cause breast cancer.

These bottle plastic found with amonia, nitrate and chlorine, which are harmful to your body.

Environmental Issues:

While production of mineral water bottles, many harmful gases released from the production house which creates pollution and airborne disease.