How To Recover Deleted Data From Mobile SIM Card

SIM card is subscriber identity module is a postage stamp size computer chip that represents an identity of a particular network for that cell phone provides consumer information including phone number. Phone numbers on SIM card are saved either on SIM memory or phone’s internal memory, the setting has to be configured as per your convenient. By default phone numbers and text messages are saved on SIM card.

It is always problematic when you face any issue related to phone or SIM where you are unable to access SIM messages and numbers. Phone number list is like a diary or guide to all your contacts in your family, or business. We have becomes so dependent on phone that we hardly remember few contact numbers within family, if count them on fingers than parents, brother/sister and wife.

We only realize the importance of this list when you get into the trouble, what if you are already prepared for any disaster with your phone? What if you phone backed up automatically? Or what if it is possible for you to recover any lost contacts or messages from your SIM card?

SIM card data recover software

SIM card data recover software

The idea of recovering data from SIM card is quite new and useful, let’s have a look at the steps to follow while data recovery from SIM card:

Step 1:

Shut down the phone, remove the battery and find the SIM card. If it’s not beneath your battery than it must be at the side edge. Please read user manual for your phone to locate the SIM card.

Step 2:

Download the SIM card data recover software to the computer where you can plug in the SIM card with help of SIM card reader. The moment you insert the data card reader with SIM card. The computer will detect it as an external drive.

Step 3:

This SIM card data recovery software is designed to recover the lost data on SIM card. After download install the software.

Step 4:

Open the SIM card data recovery software, press the button “recover files” or something similar to it.

Step 5:

Now you will be prompted to select the file type that you wish to recover such as contacts, text messages, multi-media messages, and captured images.

Step 6:

Choose the location on your computer to save the recovered data including contacts, messages or images.

Step 7:

Put the recovered data back on the SIM card, now insert the SIM card in the cell phone to access your precious data.

Step 8:

Place the battery back in the phone, close the back panel properly and use your SIM card with phone. Note: If your older SIM card is not able to function at all, then do restore data on that SIM as it will not help you, you may need to take an expert advice by visiting any nearest authorized mobile repair service centre.